For the past years, I am living in the fast-paced and often stressful Western world race (just like you I guess) So, I am very much familiar with the desire and urge to sometimes get out of the “rat race”, stop those long and frustrating commutes, and break out of your normal routine.
For that reason, it is so important for us in Tourist Thailand, to make sure you have the very best time: get some rest, gain new experiences, recharge your batteries, and return to work relaxed and ready to succeed.

Hassle-Free Vacation

We build tours that are suitable for anyone between the ages of 3 and 70, that are varied and interesting enough for everyone to enjoy while discovering and learning new things. When going to Thailand, especially with kids, you want to make sure that the whole family will enjoy, despite everyone’s different ideas and needs. Our tours are built that way.
We understand that in your every day busy life, you can’t really find the time and energy to deal with planning and organizing all the little details of your vacation.
Rest assure that you and your kids (family) are going to have the best vacation.
You will effortlessly experience the best of Thailand saving time and money.
So just pack a suitcase, book a flight, and leave all the details for us to handle.


When I was just 22 years old I set out for a long trip around the world. My desire to experience and learn about other cultures was what drove me to live home. My journey began in Europe. After exploring throughout Europe, my trip continued to South East Asia, where I visited Burma, Laos, and Thailand for the first time. Then leaving SE Asia I ventured to India and then back to Europe. The US and Canada came last just before I finally settled in Thailand in 1994, setting up together with my brother, our first tourism company in Bangkok which continues to serve satisfied customers from around the world.

Why Thailand

Of all the places I traveled to, Thailand was the place that kept calling me back. The friendly Thai people, the amazing nature. Interesting adventures and attractions suitable for everyone. The food is extremely tasty. The Thai Massage is a blast. Beautiful and interesting unique market places. And last but not least, the prices are reasonable and attractive for us westerners.

Thailand provides a wonderful blend of the zen-like far east and simplicity along with the comfort, indulgence, and progress that us westerners love and have become accustomed to.

To this day I am still struck by the vast contrasts of Thailand which include modern skyscrapers alongside old, cheaply built huts, Thailand is a place where high-tech and traditional crafts co-exist in a wonderful collaboration of modernism and traditional values.

Why Tourist Thailand

All tours and packages are built and designed by westerners who have lived in Thailand for over 25 years, Assuring you’ll experience the authentic Thailand and not only the touristic one, with all the comfort and convenience that we westerners are accustomed to.

Our expertise includes building and operating custom and private trips suitable to meet your own family needs. Trips that we offer are both comfortable and safe as well as authentic and real. We take guests to local Thailand spots that are often missed by tourists and highlight the essence of Thailand and the wonderful Thai people. We specialize in creating restful and exciting trips that are carefully planned and developed by our team. Our wonderful staff is dedicated to our customers, they speak good English and are extremely attentive to any customer’s needs in terms of food, culture, and much more.


All Private Tours

Tourist Thailand tours are originally designed and built as Private Tours. We have more than 15 years of experience in building the very best and balanced private tours according to customer needs

The Best Prices

Although our tours are all private tours with private vehicles and private guides, we maintain attractive prices that are unbeatable and affordable

Personal Customer Service

Our team is located in Thailand. They know the itineraries and the Thai country inside out. And are available for you 7 days a week with a smile.

Unique Thai Perspective

All tours and packages are designed by westerners who have lived in Thailand for over 25 years. Assuring you’ll experience the authentic Thailand, with the comfort that we westerners are accustomed to.


Great places to visit in Thailand

Thailand Packages

Tourist Thailand Package Tours. Carefully designed as Private-Hassle-free tours. Comfortably see it all! Save Time and Money.

Day tours to visit best places

Day Tours

Tourist Thailand one-day Private tours offer absolutely great value way for you and your family to see any of the sights in Thailand



Our activities offer off-the-beaten-track experiences from north to south, perfect for families or small groups