A Traveler’s Guide to Vegan Eating in Bangkok

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its most populated city. Due to its bustling city life and various sights and attractions, it is a widely popular tourist destination, especially for westerners wanting to experience Asia for the first time. One of the key elements to this is the food – nothing beats the true authenticity of Thai flavours in Bangkok!

But what if you’re vegan, or just trying to eat more plant-based food? You may be worried that this part of the world would not suit you because of a lack of vegan options. Lucky for you, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this post, we run through the best vegan food in Bangkok and where you can find it, so that you can enjoy a heavenly culinary holiday.

Traditional Vegan Thai Dishes

Not all Thai food is animal-based, and in fact, some of Bangkok’s most famous street food is naturally vegan. For example, Khanom Krok is a mini sweet and salty coconut-based pancake dish that can be topped with a variety of ingredients. 

Another sweet vegan option is mango sticky rice, which you can get both on the streets and in Bangkok’s most high-end restaurants. Or if you’re looking for something savoury, Mushroom Tom Kha is another famous Thai dish that is coconut-based – this warming soup has all the flavours of Thailand packed into one dish.

Tasty Vegan food in Bangkok

Adaptable Traditional Thai Dishes

Some popular dishes that you will find in Bangkok may have meat in them initially, but this doesn’t mean you should miss out. Most of these can be adapted to a vegan diet quite easily.

For instance, pad Thai can be made vegan-friendly if the egg and fish sauce are taken out and any meat is substituted with tofu, which is a common ingredient in Asia. Pad See Ew is another commonly adapted Thai meal that is just as yummy with tofu as it is with chicken. Thai curries of all kinds are, of course, a staple of any Bangkok trip, and a quick request to make sure that they aren’t made with meat or fish stock first can ensure you stay vegan-friendly.

However, make sure to be extra wary if you are avoiding certain ingredients due to an allergy and always plan ahead to stay safe when eating in Bangkok, especially if you don’t speak Thai.

Eating vegan in Bangkok street food

Research Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

There are plenty of vegan-friendly eateries in Bangkok and even dedicated vegan restaurants. Even meat-eaters would surely love to try some of Bangkok’s best vegan food as the range and quality to choose from is staggering. Make sure to check out Vistro, Broccoli Revolution and Veganerie, which between them cover everything from waffles to quinoa burgers, so your entire party will find something that suits their taste buds. 

If you are looking to go to one of these restaurants, we’d recommend booking in advance if possible, or having a backup option, as they’re likely to be popular with other vegan travellers.

vegetarian Thai food - Vegan Pad Thai

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