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Bangkok is one full of attractions city. The experience of coming to Bangkok and walking on a glass-built surface that spans an entire skyscraper, at 310 meters above ground level, is definitely one of Bangkok’s attractions to consider while visiting.
Although it may seem intimidating, it is true and real. And not in vain, The King Power MahaNakhon SkyWalk is one of the best Bangkok attractions and quite a favorite among tourists.

Visiting this place requires a considerable amount of courage to lay the first foot on the glass floor, which will give you kind of a feeling of floating in the air while you watch the cars and people down at microscopic size.
It is not always an exhilarating sensation for everyone, but for those who love adrenaline and some extreme activities, this one will be exciting for them.
Anyhow, after being at home for a year due to the covid-19 virus, anyone is entitled to enjoy one of the best Bangkok Attractions. Of course, by following security protocols and always respecting social distancing.

Some background about MahaNakhon SkyWalk

The MahaNakhon SkyWalk is ‘nothing more’ than a platform to observe the scenery of the heart of Bangkok located on the 78 floors King Power MahaNakhon building.
A beautiful setting with a 360-degree view from an indoor area is on floors 74 and 75 of the King Power MahaNakhon building. If you want a better outdoor view and feel some more adrenaline, you can go to the rooftop located on the 78th floor.

The King Power MahaNakhon building is considered to be the second tallest building in the country, in the first place is the IconSiam, this is a hotel with a residence that opened years later, which exceeded the MahaNakhon in height by only a few meters.

Due to its original spiral-shaped design this cube-shaped surface cut on the sides, this one stands out from all over Bangkok. In addition to the MahaNakhon SkyWalk, it is home to The Ritz-Carlton Residences, a supermarket, a duty-free which you can visit when you come back from SkyWalk.

What to Expect on This Tour?

Naturally, the journey up to MahaNakhon SkyWalk begins in the elevator.
The video-themed elevator will take you up to your first stop in about 50 seconds and as soon as the elevator begins to climb, the interior walls light up and make you feel like you are actually going on a trip. A trip of a birdseye point of view that is flying over the rooftops of the houses, buildings, and temples of the city.
While the shining walls keep you entertained with the impressive views the screens project, without realizing it, seconds will pass and you will be reaching your first experience in this building – the 74th floor

The 74th Floor – Observation Deck

King Power MahaNakhon building observation deck

The Observatory on the 74th floor is completely neat and modern, it has transparent walls with a panoramic view of the city, allowing you to take a closer look down the other skyscrapers that surround the King Power MahaNakhon building. You can even see the temples and the expanses of the Chao Phraya River from the heights.

The large touchscreens with some augmented reality technology are located in front of the walls enhancing your experience and knowledge of the city and the landmarks that are seen outside. A downloadable app is available as well here for better orientation, so get your kids to work..

The 74th floor also offers some souvenirs such as postcards of any part of the city and the world, for a considerable price. There is no better way than to take a small souvenir of this wonderful sight.
The 75th floor is somehow connected to the 74th by an escalator offering some other angles and points of view.
Once you’re done with the 74th floor, get ready to go up! The elevator will take you directly to the 78th floor, where the fun and pure adrenaline begin.

The 78th Floor

The Mahanakhon SkyWalk rooftop

The top floor allows you to live the experience of being at the top and in the open air with a beautiful view and its famous transparent surface made of glass. There, while you are on the edge of this extremely high skyscraper, you can feel like you walk through the air.

It does take some courage to do it since you will be able to see the street so clearly thinking that nothing is holding you. Once you decide to take the first step, the fear goes away, the adrenaline takes its place and the real fun begins.

Then, once you return back to ‘solid ground’ analyzing the exciting experience you’ve had, you may be thirsty..
Having a cocktail while watching the sunset might be a nice thing to capture this moment, and take some beautiful sunset photos from a height of 310 meters above Bangkok.
The drinks menu is very varied, you can get different beers, wines, cocktails, and lemonades if you do not want to drink alcohol.

Best Time to Visit This Attraction

The most common recommendation is that the best time go up to MahaNakhon Skywalk Observatory is just before sunset. That way, you get to have a view of the daylight, dusk, and night in a single visit. Just keep in mind that you are not the only one asking to do so..
Therefore, this time of the day might get crowded and the glass floor time is limited in order to allow everyone a chance to experience it.
Our alternative recommendation is: Decide what time fits you best and visit calmly.

This building is located in the center of the city, right in the business district, next to the BTS station (The city sky train) – Chong Nonsi Station.
Of course, you also get there by Taxi or TukTuk and other means of transport. It is open to the public every day.
* Check out here how to best move around the county

Schedule and Costs

Knowing the hours in which this place works is essential for you to plan your visit. This special place is open to the public every day from 10:00 am to midnight. Entering the building requires you to purchase tickets, which have special rates.

Skywalk (indoor only)
Adult- 850 / Child – 250 / Infant – Free

Skywalk + Rooftop (indoor & outdoor)
Adult – 1,050 / Child – 450 / Infant – Free

  • The tickets for adults cost 1050 THB, this ticket gives you access to everything in the building. But if you only want to go to the 74th floor and visit the observation platform, you should only pay for a basic ticket that will only cost you 850 THB.
  • The tickets for children aged 3-12 years and has cost 250 THB for Basic ticket and 450 including Rooftop
  • Infants are free

You can easily buy your tickets at the entrance of the building or access their website where they usually have promotions where the tickets can have a cheaper cost.

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