MBK Bangkok – Haven Shopping Center in Bangkok

MBK Bangkok – Haven Shopping Center in Bangkok
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Bangkok is a city with a modern world of riches that revolves around a calm traditional heart. Amidst the urban hustle and bustle, the glamor and charm of large luxury shopping malls dazzle. This is the reason why shopping in Bangkok is a pleasant and exciting experience for anyone, not to mention a shopaholic. The glossy chrome size and dominating size of these sleek, air-conditioned, all-inclusive malls instantly grab the attention of the traveler, taking them into a world of geek and catchy shopping, whether designed for accessories, clothing, or jewelry. The experience is said to be equally comprehensive, and it can be stressful if you do not have a guide that will lead you to these malls.

While those new and shiny malls catches everyone’s eyes, an old and well established one Bangkok shopping center keeps attracting almost each traveler arriving into the city..

The MBK shopping center

Enter Bangkok’s most legendary mall, MBK Bangkok shopping mall is loved by both locals and tourists. It has Items ranging from clothing, appliances, bags, leather goods, mobile phones, cameras, furniture, and stationery, to mention some are grouped here spread across eight floors.

Going back to the roots of MBK

Opened back in 1985, this mall was the biggest during this time. The owner Thanachart and Dusit Thani group employed Sirichai Bulakul, who are the best developers even today.

The MBK Center is easy to access. Using the BTS (Bangkok Skytrain) is the most common these days due to the direct corridor that connects from the National Stadium BTS Skytrain Station. Another way is of course – Taxi. All taxi drivers in Bangkok know MBK. That implies that you can call a taxi from anywhere or just raise your hand while on the street and you will be taken to the mall. One more way to get there, quite similar to Taxi is TukTuk, Just make sure to get a decent price and be dropped off close enough. If you are taking a day tour in Bangkok, ask the guide to be dropped at the MBK Center once the tour is finished. This is a very common request and may even save you some money.

So what makes the MBK shopping center so Popular? Let’s start from the topmost floor coming down.

Floor arrangement and components of MBK Bangkok

8th floor

This is the top floor. Apart from acting as a watching tower, this consists of entertainment halls and a big complex that that can house multi-screen cinemas. This is where you will find computer games, karaoke, and amazing first-class restaurants. For those who love the 3D Trick Art Museum, MBK houses it at its 8th floor. For a fun family activity mostly during a rainy day, never forget MBK shopping center 8th floor.

7th floor

This floor comes with a mixture of things. From point to point, you can get different stores. The floor has a wide range of quality products, such as cosmetics, clothing, and household items at reasonable prices.

6th and 5th floor

On these two floors, you will find souvenirs and fantastic home furnishings which include chairs and decorating bulbs, not forgetting rugs and carpets. Like all shopping malls all over the world, the MBK mall has a place for those who want to cut hunger. The 5th-floor houses a well vanished with a general dining area that fits tourists, foreign guests, and top government officials. The 6th floor has a dining station for local people with typical traditional and affordable well-cooked foods.

4th and 3rd floors

In general, the 4th floor is dedicated to all types of electrical and electronic appliances. This is where you will get DVDs, mobile phones, and all kinds of related tools and tools. Here you will find used phones, game consoles, latest movies, starter packs, computer games, and MP3 players. Those who lack space on the 4th floor you will find on the 3rd floor. That means, on the 3rd floor of the MBK shopping mall, you will find a mixture of shops that give you the whole picture of what to encounter while going up or down.

1st and 2nd floors

On the 1st and the 2nd floors of MBK, you will get stalls selling shoes, fashion, fast food outlets bags, and supermarkets with a wide range of accessories. Though you may get up to a 30% discount on goods on these lower floors, that may not be so affordable. On the upper floors, things are a bit cheap.


Shopping in Bangkok is a one of the highlights of a vacation for many people. It is quite obvious that the MBK shopping center is one of the biggest malls in the world and if you came all the way to Thailand you might not want to miss it. Therefore, while you shop around the mall and see something you like, You might want to go ahead and buy it. Tracing it back, later on, is not so easy unless you are familiar with this mall.

Happy shopping.. 🙂

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