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From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the remote villages to the north, Thailand is a wonderfully diverse country to visit after COVID. To fully personalize a vacation and avoid unnecessary contact with strangers, a family trip to Thailand is the best way to see this beautiful Asian destination.

Traveling After COVID

Once the pandemic hit back in March 2020, the travel industry abruptly came to a stop. Since then, the travel realm has gradually shifted towards accommodating high-quality trips rather than bringing in as many people into a country as possible.

This shift in travel has also seen a tendency for eager travelers to book through established operators rather than planning excursions by themselves. The invaluable knowledge of tour guides will become increasingly important regarding travel after COVID.

Further, the future of the travel industry after COVID will focus on providing the best experience while maintaining the least amount of exposure to other people as physically possible. Those who travel in small groups will be more inclined to avoid large excursions which involve plenty of strangers. Rather, families and small groups may enjoy a more personalized visit to their destination, guided by a local expert who knows when to see the top sights and attractions at the best time.

The Best Way to Visit Thailand After COVID

One of the top ways to enjoy high-quality vacations in Asia is through in-depth Thailand family tours. A private family tour of Thailand is the best way to discover everything Thailand has to offer in a safe and secluded way. Your personal tour guide will be the primary person you will have contact with, and they will have proper COVID testing or a vaccine before you arrive. After check-in is complete, your family tour guide will make sure you see all the top sites in Thailand without any unnecessary contact with strangers.

Whether you are traveling with a couple of friends or planning a family trip to Thailand, booking a private group tour with an expert Thailand guide is the perfect way to see Thailand post-COVID.

Through carefully planned out family trips to Thailand, you will experience everything this magnificent country has to offer—from riding a bike through the beautiful Kanchanaburi countryside and kayaking down River Kwai to staying in the jungle in a luxury tent and strolling amongst Sukhotthai’s ancient temples.

What are Thailand Family Tours?

Are you looking for a family getaway to one of Asia’s most diverse and beautiful countries? From the colorful streets of Bangkok to the luxurious beaches of Hua Hin, introducing the family to a completely new world through a Thailand family tour package is one of the best (and safest) ways to see this country.

All accommodations, attractions, and meals listed on your private family tour itinerary will be included in your upfront cost, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your family trip to Thailand. You can choose from a variety of options, whether you are looking to stay a couple of nights or a couple of weeks in Thailand.

Social Distancing Travel in Thailand

When you book a private Thailand family tour, you are going to receive a perfectly outlined itinerary detailing your personalized family vacation. Your personal travel guide will determine the best times to visit each of the attractions with crowd levels and social distancing in mind. Further, by visiting each of the top destinations in Thailand on a private tour, you will not have to worry about any unnecessary contact with strangers while abroad.

If you have ever visited popular destinations abroad before, you most likely were accompanied by a few dozen to a hundred other people on your tour. You can easily avoid this unnecessary contact by enjoying a private Thailand tour.

Personalized Family Vacation

Thailand family tours are truly unique, allowing you to choose the vibe you are looking for whether laidback or activity-intensive. Thailand’s natural wonders and historic landmarks offer fun for the whole family with a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Whether exploring the ancient ruins, lively markets, cascading waterfalls, or colorful jungles, you are guaranteed to have an exhilarating Thailand family trip.

Experience Thailand Through the Eyes of a Local

If you are looking to experience Thailand as the locals do, a Thailand family tour is for you! Private trips as a family are fully personalized with a highly flexible schedule. While booking a private family trip, other than being the safest way to travel, it will provide you with a structured schedule to see all of Thailand’s top landmarks, you will also be able to change anything about your itinerary at the drop of a hat. This way, you will be able to discover Thailand from the local point of view without giving up any of the comforts you hold dear.

Discover the Best Places in Thailand

Thailand family tours and package tours allow you to see the top sights and attractions in Thailand without the worry and stress of planning them. Once your family package tour is booked, all the logistics—from entrance fees to opening hours—are completely taken care of! You will be able to explore the best places in Thailand with your family during the optimal social-distancing hours.

You will also be able to avoid some of the long lines you typically see at the top attractions. Your private tour guide will take care of the entrance fees ahead of time, allowing you and your family to avoid any unnecessary contact during your stay.

River Kwai

Drift down the scenic River Kwai Noi found in Kanchanaburi with your family during your incredible trip to Thailand. Hop on an authentic bamboo raft and explore the lush jungle and beautiful green mountains during your time at this secluded destination—perfect for minimal contact with strangers.

The scenic shoreline sets the stage for a leisurely ride along River Kwai. During your ride, you will notice plenty of colorful birds alongside the river. Sailing down the river in an authentic bamboo raft is a great way to take in Thailand’s breathtaking scenery and capture some fantastic images.

The White Temple Chiang Rai

One of the most fascinating stops on a family Thailand trip is the White Temple. With its brilliant white spires, bridges, and eaves glittering in the sunshine, you will feel as if you have been transported into another realm. The breathtaking exterior was made from a mix of both white paint and mirrored chips, creating a magnificent and awe-inspiring effect.

As you approach this majestic temple, you will notice the building’s magnificent reflection in the surrounding pools, ultimately adding to the beauty of the White Temple. Once inside, you will simply slip off your shoes, and then discover intricate pieces of art inspired by cultures found around the world.

Exploring Vientiane

One of the largest cities in Southeast Asia is the lively capital city of Laos, Vientiane. Filled with beautiful French-style architecture, numerous Buddhist temples, and plenty of natural beauty, Vientiane deserves a full-day of your Thailand family tour to fully explore at the best social-distancing hours.

One of the best stops in Vientiane is Patuxai, a magnificent structure resembling Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. Another fascinating place to explore with your family in Thailand is Pha That Luang which is the great golden stupa symbolizing Buddhism and national sovereignty. Both of these important sites and other attractions in Vientiane will be fully explored on your Thailand family vacation.

Blue Lagoon

Krabi, located in the southern region of Thailand, is home to one of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions—the Blue Lagoon. The clear blue waters found at the Blue Lagoon add a sense of tranquility during your family trip to Thailand and is a great place to relax and find peace.

Rather than visiting some of the over-crowded beaches in the south of Thailand, exploring the Blue Lagoon is far more secluded and is a perfect destination for post-COVID Thailand travel.

Amphawa Floating Market 

One of the best ways to explore and discover Thailand through the lens of the locals is by visiting one of the most popular floating markets near Bangkok such as the beautiful Amphawa Floating Market. Located around 50 kilometers from Bangkok, this once small village has been around since the mid-17th century.

Now, Amphawa has become a bustling and lively village filled with tasty food stalls that have grown out from the riverbanks and stretch far into the surrounding streets. During your Thailand family tour, you will be able to try out some of the top local foods—whether snacking on some tasty shellfish or enjoying an authentic Thailand pastry dessert.

Is a Thailand Family Trip Right for You?

Family trips to Thailand tend to be intensive, meaning there will be plenty of action exploring Thailand’s top sites. However, an added luxury of Thailand family trips is that you will have a bunch of room for quality family time to play, swim, and explore some of Thailand’s most amazing destinations.

If you are looking to see Thailand through the lens of a local, a Thailand family trip is perfect! The food in Thailand is beyond amazing, and your tour guide will bring you to the top local restaurants known as Thailand’s best-kept secrets. You will also get to discover plenty of Thailand’s top natural and cultural attractions in a variety of cities throughout the country.

Finally, if you are looking to visit Thailand after COVID in a safe way, a private family tour is the right choice. With the major one-on-one contact you and your family will experience being with your personal travel guide, there is no need to worry about any unnecessary contact with strangers. As tourism around the world is rapidly changing, the future of the travel industry after COVID is best illustrated by an emphasis on quality vacations with the least amount of exposure.

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      Well, as we know at this point, When leaving Thailand there is no need to show health insurance!
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      The insurance must be in English, arranged in a respectable and strong company.
      The big issue with coming back is that she might need to contact the local embassy for authorization in order to get her coming back approved.
      That issue is best to check in advance with the Thai Embassy as regulations may change quite often.

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