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Bangkok Street Food


Old City Walking Tour

PRIVATE TOUR Available Every Day

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A Walking Tour Through Magical Bangkok Old City (Old Siam) With The Best Street Food in Bangkok

With Licensed & Experienced Private Guide
Private Vehicle & Driver

This is not a standard average Bangkok day tour.
We’ve built our Bangkok walking tour as a special day tour allows you to experience the hidden & local side of the city while focusing on the old part of Bangkok in a uniquely authentic way.

Best Thai Street Food in Bangkok

Map of the Walking Route

Tour Summary

Bangkok Street food Starts with The Golden Mountain

Once we pick you up from your hotel lobby, our first stop on this Bangkok day tour is The Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket) which is one of the oldest Thai temples in the country.
The van will take you all the way to the point where should start climbing up, to the beautiful temple on the hill. From the top, you’ll be able to see the little streets where later on we will be walking through. Once finished strolling there, and you’re back down, the van will take you to the starting point of this Bangkok walking tour, near the old train station (functioning partly and going to become a museum soon).

Talat Noi – Old Bangkok Neighborhood

The walking tour takes us through the beautiful picturesque streets of the old neighborhood called ‘Talat Noi’, meaning ‘The Little Market’ in the Thai language. This is a small two-stories high 120-130 years old house neighborhood, with interesting colorful people and special, fresh & tasty food. On Tourist Thailand Street Food Tour, we get to meet the local cooks. We will taste the very same food they make every day for local workers around that neighborhood. Without any doubt, This is the place to find the best street food in Bangkok, served fresh and yummy straight from the local booth below their houses.

The Chinatown of Bangkok

Our walk then expands and brings us to Chinatown Bangkok, who has developed enormously lately and has become popular not only for tourists but also for the locals.

On our Bangkok walking day tour, we walk about 2 km. This is an easy and relaxed walk which allows us to enjoy the unique atmosphere and the best street food in Bangkok. It is all-inclusive and very enjoyable for the whole family to get to know this original Thai food.
We are taking our time, stopping at secret local authentic food booths only the local people know, Everything is fresh and vegetarian is available too. We carefully chose the best Bangkok Chinatown food, picking that unique and interesting street food for you to try while everything comes with full explanations on this walking street food tour.
The tour ends In Chinatown Bangkok.

Back to Hotel with The Sky Train

This tour is specially designed for foreigners to experience the local life of Bangkok. So we recommend going back to your hotel with the new Sky Train nearby. Taking the local train is really fun. It will let you have a look at the real authentic life of the city. Your private guide will escort you on the train ride, all the way to your stop where you get off. Most of the hotels have a train station close to them, but it’s also possible to take a taxi back to your hotel.

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Tour Itinerary

Wat Saket – The Golden Mountain Temple

The fascinating Temple of Wat Saket (Golden Mountain Temple) is one of the oldest Thai temples in the country dating all the way back to the Ayutthaya era, which lasted until 1767.

Wat Saket most noteworthy known for its 80-meter high hill called “The Golden Mountain” while the beautiful and huge golden stupa on top of it which was once the highest point in Bangkok.
The view from the temple is just spectacular. You can see the old part of the city (Old Siam) spreading down below and your guide will be showing you from there, the rout you are about to walk later on.
Wat Saket reveals the special and hidden world of the monks. While going up there, You’ll be able to see the monks world is winding up to you with some Buddhist symbolic objects; Small Waterfalls, Steamy Water and huge prayer bells that Buddhist people strike producing a very deep tone for good luck.
The way up to the temple holds many hidden magical corners with unique atmosphere.

Talad Noi – Bangkok Old City Walking Tour

This magical and authentic old neighborhood has an artists quarter with graffiti on the walls of the small picturesque streets, merging together with some small and beautiful Chinese temples

We stroll some more and head into an area of the junk shop (Sieng Kong). Garages where huge stacks of used automotive and engine parts line the street shops. We continue then up to the Hidden Café with a stunning view over the Chao Phraya river, enjoying extensive mocktail. The guide will give us the perspective of the local history & culture of life around that area. It is great fun to walk along the streets, stopping along the way eating, drinking and resting, mingling with the locals. The old quarter is very colorful and well known for the vast variety of restaurants and street vendors that together bringing up the best street food in Bangkok. Actually, it can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, our local guide will walk you through explaining and showing you different types of places and offering many types of local street food and drinks along the route.

Chinatown Bangkok – Chinatown walking tour

Bangkok Chinatown become very popular lately with colorful, diverse and tasty food. For that reason, it has been declared by many tourists as the best street food in Bangkok

Bangkok Chinatown food is extremely fascinating and a bit strange sometimes with many amazing street food markets offering both Chinese and Thai food. It’s always fresh, healthy and cheap. Strolling the streets of Bangkok Chinatown, may feel as we are in China or Hong Kong. Observing the local activities is fascinating and educative: Maang-Ming a street face treatment with cotton thread right on the street or the ‘Joss Paper’ known as spirit money due to sheets of paper craft made into burnt offerings for the reason that the local belief is to ensure the spirit of the deceased has lots of good things in their afterlife. We get to see strange and peculiar Chine’s pharmacies with drugs made of lizards, bear nails, seahorses or sea cucumbers.
Visit Thian Fah Charity Foundation Hospital, which was established in 1905 in order to help the poor that couldn’t afford any medication.

FYI Thailand with Kids Our local guide will be with you throughout the whole tour. Explaining and offering you tens of dishes to taste and experience the best street food in Bangkok.

TIME TABLE-Bangkok Street Food Tour

> 09:00 Pick up from hotel by our local guide
> 09:30 Visit Wat Saket (Golden Mount Bangkok)
> 11:00 Street Food Walking Tour (Chinatown)
> The Old Quarter
> Talad Noi
> Junk Shop (Sieng Kong)
> The Hidden Café
> 14:00 Head back to the hotel by Sky Train
> 15:00 Back at your hotel

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