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prices of all packages have been reduced due to Covid situation (see below)

Since the very first moment when Corona Virus appeared in the world and in our lives, The kingdom of Thailand acted and reacted the best way the could in order to protect itself and all residents in the country.
That significantly helped Thailand covid situation kept maintained and under control most of the time and stay relatively safe and ‘green’.

Since the very beginning, the government closed all the borders and kept itself rather isolated for the entire time, knowing it would turn the country which is mainly based on tourism into some kind of a ‘Ghost Country’.
Fortunately for the Thai people, Thailand has a solid export industry as well, so the economy did not totally collapse.
However, the Thai people especially the young people who live in Bangkok, had to leave the big city and go back to their original villages throughout the country.

COVID-19 Live Statistics


Thailand is ‘Green’ for a Reason

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According to international Covid-19 regulations, Thailand is considered to be a ‘green’ country for quite a long time.
Most institutions around the country functioning normally, Schools work as usual as long as everyone is wearing masks. The same goes for all governmental offices.
The Thai people are disciplined and follow the rules, almost everyone is wearing a mask all the time, body temperature is measured everywhere and they consider 37.5 as fever to keep everyone safe.
Up until now (Jan 2021), most of the country stayed open and worked as usual except for 2 times, in which they had to inflict a closure for a weak or two each time once the numbers were slightly up. Whenever that happened, The Thai authorities took immediate action in order to restrain the pandemic and keep it under control.

Thailand covid market

Today, (Jan 2021) Bangkok is more like a ghost city. There is a night curfew so after 10:00 PM no one is seen on the streets which are usually so packed, alive, and colorful. It is quite sad to see that.
In a way, Bangkok looks like a small village. Everything is closed at night – The famous Patpong, the Khao San Road, the beautiful Asiatique center on the river are all deserted and put on hold.
About 80% of the hotels are closed now but restaurants, shopping malls, and shopping centers are open as usual with all precautions kept.
Food stalls on the streets are mostly closed and been taken away for now.
The train is running almost as usual but is mostly empty.

Packages Prices changes due to the hotel’s situation during Corona time in Thailand

Due to the fact that most of the hotels are closed for the time being, we have taken the accommodation off the packages.
Therefore, at this time our packages prices have been reduced EXCLUDING the hotels’ prices. Once the borders open and flights start to land in Bangkok, we believe it will be possible to book your own preferred hotel. Later on, once it is safe for our tourists, we will be offering again our complete packages including accommodation.
Till then, feel free to ask us for recommendations, we will be happy to help.

Better Prices for Tours and Food

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Lately, there were complaints among tourists about Thailand turning to be expensive.
We assume that once the whole Covid reality is behind us, tourists might benefit from the situation cause all prices in Thailand, will most probably reduce. The corona situation in Thailand has made it clear that once life returns to normal, the Thai people, just like everywhere else, will simply want to go back to work and everyone will settle for little, which will naturally lower prices for everyone.

Our packages are the safest way to travel after Covid-19

Covid 19 will be here for a while longer after we will start traveling again. We have to adjust to the new situation and travel differently than we used to.

Traveling with your own family would definitely be the safest way, just like we’ve been asked to during the pandemic.
Traveling in our private intimate family without being exposed to too many new people would be the right thing to do at first, and this is what we at Tourist Thailand do.
We specialize in small private tours with a private minivan and a private guide, all of which are following the safety regulations, taking you to places in nature and places which are less crowded and less Touristic in order to keep you both happy and healthy.
Thailand is just the place for it, and our tours are the safest way to travel

Health & Safety Guidelines for Thailand COVID-19

We tunderstand that Thailand Covid 19 is going to be here for a while, Therfore, our employees will be conducting tours in accordance with our updated operations including the wearing of masks, frequent use of hand sanitizers and disinfecting of equipment after each tour. For our customers, we will similarly request measures for enhanced hygiene standards.

Come travel with us once the borders are open. We’ll make sure you have the best safe family vacation tour